IMG_9608My research focuses on organic nanostructures and their on-surface synthesis. I am particularly interested in graphene nanoribbons and their electronic properties because of their potential role as materials in next-generation electronic applications (e.g. in transistors). This research is highly interdisciplinary in nature and benefits from intense collaboration with chemists and electrical engineers.

Having over 9 years of research experience in experimental physics, I have a substantial track record as an expert in the field of on-surface fabricated graphene nanoribbons as well as other areas of surface science.

The following is a series of selected research projects:

hier1Graphene Nanoribbon Heterojunctions

We developed a new approach for the synthesis of heterojunctions of dissimilar graphene nanoribbons which is based on molecular building blocks with different compatibility. The heterojunctions were studied with scanning tunneling microscopy. Read more…

dop1Doped Graphene Nanoribbons

We showed that the electronic properties of graphene nanoribbons can be tailored by substituting some of the nanoribbon’s carbon atoms for nitrogen or other atoms. This added flexibility is important for efforts to build functional devices. Read more…

bromine-1Method to Remove Bromine

In an effort to increase the efficiency of on-surface reactions, we devised a method to remove bromine, an unwanted side product of many reactions. Our approach is based on exposing the reactants to hydrogen. Read more…

Scientific Production

  • 24 peer-reviewed publications in various renowned international journals (including Nature, Physical Review Letters, and the Journal of the American Chemical Society). See my full list of publications for details.
  • As demonstrated by the 600+ citations of my work, it has a significant impact on the research of others. See my Google Scholar profile for details.
  • I was able to serve as an expert reviewer of submitted manuscripts for 10 scientific journals. Additionally, I was a reviewer for a project proposed to the European Research Council.
  • I presented my work at 18 international conferences. See list of conference presentations.